the space




Working that creative muscle as you would any other.


My name is Booboo Stewart and welcome to my space.

With an Actor father and an Artist mother, my three sisters and I were constantly surrounded by creative means. Different forms of expression.  Whether it was among cameras and lights or selling arts and crafts, we were constantly at the forefront of people and their crafts. 

In school I'd draw all over my homework sometimes to the point of not being able to tell if work had been done. Whether it was acting, arts and crafts, martial arts, music, dance, or even needle stitch at one point... I was always living in that realm of expression. Without even knowing it. 

So years have passed and a lot has changed but one thing that has remained is my love for creativity. Hence this space. 

This space is not about trying to be the "best" artist, photographer, etc -  because that's definitely not the case here. It's solely about training that creative muscle.

Athletes train their bodies so why not train the mind? 

I hope you enjoy the work I've laid out in this space. It's a melting pot of everything and anything I can get my hands on and whip into something I think expresses a particular feeling or just creating to create. 

Thank you,